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DotPrinter - with printer in a pocket


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This application is designed for your mobile and desktop thermal printers (based on EscPos protocol) to print photographs, web pages, images, PDF files and plain text files directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Now, you can use your thermal printer with any iOS application supporting file sharing (opening in external applications).


  • smart convert documents to plain text with images
  • scale images and documents to fit on paper
  • crop images and documents to paper width
  • pick image output quality

Printable documents:

  • PDF
  • Web pages
  • PlainText, Markdown
  • Images

Supported printers:

  • Woosim WSP-R240 (Bluetooth)
  • Woosim WSP-i350 (Bluetooth)
  • Woosim WSP-i450 (Bluetooth)
  • Star Micronics SM-S220 (Bluetooth), SM-S223i (Bluetooth)
  • Star Micronics SM-T300 (Bluetooth), SM-T301 (Bluetooth)
  • Star Micronics SM-T400 (Bluetooth), SM-T401 (Bluetooth)
  • A lot of Epson thermal printers (TCP/IP)

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DotPrinter doesn't collect any private informations and doesn't share any private informations.